Battery Chargers Suitable For A GE GB40

Battery Chargers Suitable For A GE GB40

The General Electric GB-40 E Series, 3.7 volt, 1050mAh, rechargeable, lithium-Ion battery measures 1/4 inches long, 1 1/4 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches high. It comes equipped in many kits for GE brand camera models such as the E1255W. Many other brands of chargers include the GE GB-40 E in their specifications and are suitable for this battery.

GE Battery Chargers

Any GE camera kit that includes a GE GB-40 battery also includes a charger that has the same part number as the camera. Camera part numbers that include such a charger are E850, E1030, E1040, E1240, E1235, E1255W, H855 and H1055. Generally speaking, GE cameras with an “E” or “H” series designation use the GB-40 battery. If you have a GE series E or H camera battery charger for a model other than those listed, see the user manual to ensure it is suitable for the GB-40.

Sterling Tek DH89 TRAV – AC/DC GE GB-40 Battery Charger

Sterling Tek offers a battery charger suitable for the GB-40 battery, identified as model DH89. It operates at 110 and 240 volts and has a fold-away two-prong plug that makes it easier to fit into a camera bag. It also includes a cord to plug into the cigarette lighter of a car to charge the battery. It will charge the battery in less than 90 minutes.

Digi Quick Replacement GE GB-40 Battery Charger

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The Digi Quick Replacement GE GB-40 battery charger available in the UK uses a power cord with a three-prong plug for standard UK outlets. It carries a 2-year warranty and has a green light that illuminates when the battery is fully charged. It also includes a cord for charging from a cigarette lighter socket in a car or truck, and charges a GB-40 battery in about two hours. It will operate at 110 or 240 volts, and will work anywhere in the world with a suitable plug adapter.

ABatteryPack GE GB-40 Battery Charger Replacement

The ABatteryPack GE GB-40 battery charger uses an AC adapter that provides 12 volts to a module that charges the battery. The module has a red light to indicate that the battery needs charged and a green light to indicate a full charge. The kit also includes an additional cord that plugs into an automotive cigarette lighter socket to provide 12 volts to the module. The AC adapter works at 110 or 240 volts and has a two-prong plug.