Thursday, June 6, 2013

Legalize Medicinal Marijuana, NYC!!

The Best Medicine.  2013.  Watercolor

Before Chemo I didn't understand how horrible Nausea was.  I am constantly sick to my stomach and puking all the time.  I sleep with a barf bucket next to me and last year had to have a barf bag with me whenever i was in the car.  i have thrown up on the street, in parking lots,  in restaurants, at friend's and families houses, on myself.  I have thrown up while crying because i cant stop throwing up.  The worst is that unlike vomiting after a hangover, vomiting from chemo just makes you feel worse.  The nausea stays with you and after feeling sick to my stomach with no relief for over a week at a time it starts to make you crazy.  I take anti nausea pills like Ativan, Zofran, Compazine, Visiril, Marinol, etc.  These all work to an extent and then you gain a tolerance or the actual pill can make you puke.  The only thing that has truly relieved my nausea and has actually allowed me to eat is good old natural Marijuana.  It calms your stomach almost completely for the time you are high.  Not only that, but it relieves the bone and muscle aches that possess my body.  Lastst year I was so sick I could barely move and was left in bed to barf and think about how horrible i felt and looked and how much my life completely sucked.  Weed helped distract me.  It helped me paint and draw when i felt so uninspired by my surroundings and situation.  It would actually help me talk to my parents and sometimes even laugh.  in a way weed helped me really analyze what was happening to my life in almost therapeutic way.  Really make me think of things that i normally would not confront and push out of my mind.  
  I'm lucky I know the right hook ups because disgustingly NYC has still not passed Medicinal Marajuana yet.  Other states have: Alaska, Arizona, Califonia, Conneticut, Colorado, DC, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine,  Masachusetts, Michigan,  Montana, Nevada,  New Jersey,  New Mexico, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.
I think its really shitty that people that don't have cancer are making laws holding a medicine from us that real changes my quality of life.  I feel bad for kids i see with really square parents who believe the taboo against weed and won't let them have it and watch them get real poison in their bodies that makes them feel horrible and antidepressants along with a million other pills made all of chemicals.
You don't have to smoke gang.  I have a vaporizer that works wonderfully called the pax and can be brought wherever i want.  You can also cook weed and make delicious cookies, brownies, whatevs.  I have been putting hash oil in my soup.  I'm hoping the day comes soon when i will have a medical marijuana card and be able to pick out what kind i want or lollipops or tinctures.  I'd like to get pure, clean weed.  I'd like to pick the kind.  Sativa helps me a lot while Indica makes me too tired.  Till then I'll get it from the streets not really knowing whats in it but knowing it makes me feel hell of a lot better!!


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  2. The worst is that unlike vomiting after a hangover, vomiting from chemo just makes you feel worse. best grinder

  3. It’s really nice to know that you’re taking marijuana in a very positive manner. A lot of people are blinded by the negative issues about it, and therefore not made aware of its medicinal benefits. Also, I like the notion that it could be used or consumed in many different ways, rather than just smoking it, especially for those who have lung issues and such. Anyway, I’m glad that marijuana has helped you a lot, despite all the things you’re going through. Thanks for sharing this with us, Melissa. Take care, and wish you all the best!

    Arthur Andreas @ Kushgo

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