Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi there, 
I am stuck in the hospital once again.  I have a fever and haven't been able to eat or drink anything in over a week, despite frequent trips to the cancer ward for fluids.     My stomach has not given me one second of relief and I've been puking nonstop, and all i want is to be unconscious until this passes.  Because of my fever i have been admitted to the hospital overnight for a few days.  This morning while receiving one of the antibiotics called Vancomycin, caused me to wake up with a red itchy rash all over my body and face.  This reaction is called Red Man's Syndrome. Its crazy that I've done 14 cycles of this hell and am still discovering new and horrible side effects.  Benadryl fixed this right away though.

These are a few little painting/ doodles I've done and had pics of on my phone.  I'll have to post some of my others when i get back home.

 I cant wait to be completely done with chemo.  only 3 left.  I feel like these last ones are the worst, the longest and I've hit the wall.  June 4th is the day of my last chemo session.  i am looking forward to summer more than words can say.  I'd really like to travel a lot this year.  To feel alive,  get away from everywhere I've spent sick.  To be inspired again for my art.  I also will be applying to schools.   Hopefully ill be pretty busy and will make up for this shit/lost year.

Its lonely and boring in the hospital. I used to be the kind of person that had to go out every Friday night in fear i might "miss" something. Now i miss almost everything and I have no choice but to get used to it.
check out an article written about one of my pieces that showed at the Slagg Gallery, ny, ny.